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taught by Joanna Hunter
Joanna  Hunter
Joanna Hunter
Mistress of the Woo Woo at the Woo Woo Academy

Joanna Hunter is a spiritual life and business coach, published author of Get Selfish - The Way Is Through and expert in the law of attraction. Owner and founder of the Woo Woo Academy, she lives in the magical Highlands of Scotland where she has a global client base of spiritually open entrepreneurs & change makers who want to "Be the change they wish to see in the world!"

Course Curriculum

A Warm welcome and a little about the FREE course
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Create Passive Income Workbook
Create Passive Income Product Workbook
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Create Passive Income Product- Audios
Audio - 1
Audio- 2
Audio -3
Audio- 5
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Create passive income product- videos
Canva Tutorial
Trello Tutorial
Screen-Cast-O-Matic Tutorial
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Tools for passive income creation
Tool's for creating passive income products
Special Invite Freedom Hunters
Next steps - after you launched whats next....
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